Friday, June 27, 2014

Is Noah Jewish?

Is "Noah" Jewish?

Connecticut Post claims that Noah had an open casket. Open caskets are forbidden in the Jewish Religion according to The Journal of Death of Death and Dying.

Well, that would explain why Noah's services were at:

The Funeral Home: Online website offers a special "Scheduled Funerals Area"

(I'm not out ruling the question if this is a real website... but it is more advanced than Santoro's)

2. Noah's Mother: Converted 

V converted to Judaism in 1992, when she married her first husband "Reuben Vabner"
(stay turned for Lenny's Family Tree)

So was Noah actually Jewish?  Everyone knows that Judiasm is passed down through the mother. The same mother who got Tattoo with D the day after the death of Noah?
can you even do that when you are sitting Shiva?
can you even get tattoos?

I mean, The "Pozners" "moved to Newtown" in 2005, before Noah was born.
 Where did Noah practice religion?

Why did they go to the Family Home & Operated Funeral Home?

(Real Sources, Real Inferences)

 Q: Is Noah Jewish?

- Family Operated Funeral Home
- Open Casket
- V breaks religious code
 (tattoos, leaving during Shiva)

Absentee Father

Lenny Pozner: Absentee Father? 

Was Lenny even around?

 Lenny is one of those adults who couldn't afford to NY State anymore, so he moved to Florida. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lenny Pozner: Setting the REAL Record Straight

Lenny Pozner: Setting the Record Straight

A brief introduction to exposing Lenny Pozner

by Anonymous
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This is a Blog Dedicated to Exposing Lenny Pozner. Here is a Brief Introduction. 
*Please check back, I have conducted a significant amount of research. It will be posted in increments.

The first thing that comes to my mind about Lenny Poser: Counterproductive

Lenny Pozner, father of Sandy Hook Shooting victim Noah Pozner has spent a significant amount of time and energy to stop the "Sandy Hook Truther" movement. Lenny victimizes himself, how could so many people still be so cruel? He's tried everything. He's released the death certificate, the medical report.. what ELSE could people want, right? 

However, I have been looking into Lenny for a while now, and this guy continues to AMAZE me. Lenny seems to have made it his job to track down these "hoaxers". Fortunately, Lenny hasn't been able to find out any information of me. I wouldn't want a guy like this with my phone number: 

I. Noah's "Records"

Personally, I would discredit Lenny releasing Noah's death certificate, or any records because it has not been released from any real authority. Posting a photo of a death certificate on a Google Plus account doesn't prove anything to me. Why is Lenny priding himself on releasing certificates? 

   Dr. H. Wayne Carver proposed Bill No. 1054 in February 2011. The Bill can be found on the link provided below. His signature is written next to the name.

Anyone who can Google Image Noah's "medical records" will see that Dr. H. Wayne Carver's signature is completely different. This is visible with the human eye. I even took these signatures to an analyst, and it was confirmed they are not the same. 

"Autopsy was not done"

The death certificate provided by Lenny, insists that an Autopsy was not done on Noah. 
However, I do not know if Lenny knows he is not making ANY sense, or if he just doesn't know the definition of an autopsy?

Autopsy: inspection and dissection of a body after death, as for determination of the cause of death;postmortem examination.

Anything Lenny Pozner "releases" is invalid. I don't base my research based on Google Images. 

II. Lenny Pozner: Tells a Half Story

WHY does he call Sandy Hook Hoaxers? WHY does he enter their Google LIVE chats!? Why did he drive to Florida Atlantic University to confront Professor James Tracy? Why is Lenny Pozner, even indulging these people who are discredited the death of his son? 

I have spoken to MANY Truther/Hoaxers (Not sure what to even say anymore), and Lenny actually calls these people. Anyone can contact Lenny, he even says so himself. I haven't watched the Google LIVE chats, but the first thing that comes to my mind is:

Why is this guy spending four hours of his time in a Group LIVE Chat about "Hoaxers." 

Lenny Pozner, suffers from a serious mental disorder. The signs are evident. First, he has created an alter ego on the web, creating a blog under the name, "Arie Flique." A pathetic attempt to expose "hoaxers". If you read through these blog posts, his information about each person, is very discredited. He uses little sources, and doesn't really end up finding anything worth reading.

Now, how do I know this is Lenny? Lenny is a frequent Google plus user; one of the only people that use Google Plus as a Facebook alternative. 

1, Arie Flique: His youTube account on google links to ONE "Hoax" video, a video with Lenny?

2. I will post the link to Arie Flique's Blog again. As you can see, this blog posts about one parent of a Sandy victim, ONE. 

"Lenny Pozner, father of Noah, has created a conundrum for the Hoaxers by actually providing the documentation that these idiots have long demanded -- namely, his son's death certificate as well as that of Adam Lanza."

All signs point to: Lenny 

More information to Follow. 

III: Lenny's Petition! Support the Cause

Yes, Lenny Pozner thinks he THAT important where he can stop and Ebay from selling merchandise. Lenny's Petition to Stop Any Merchandise 

I saw this petition the day it was first posted. Do you know what I did moments after? I Bought the Book.

To be honest, it wasn't that great. It was short, and really just summed up YouTube videos. Maybe I just didn't think much of the book because it just stated the obvious of what people generally know.

I could write a book.

Is Lenny trying to get more bad PR for Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists? Honestly, the things this guy does - I can't even make it up. It's that ridiculous. Pozner is counterproductive, self righteous, and pathetic. 

Tomorrow's Highlights: Pictures added to this Blog! 
- Lenny's Banking Info: Just Because!
- Lenny's Background
- FunFacts' about Lenny
- Secrets about Lenny
- More information that prove "Records of Noah" are invalid